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Currency Buy Sell
INR(S$toRs100) 1.9900 2.1100
USD 1.3660 1.3825
EURO 1.5190 1.5565
AUD 0.9800 1.0050
CAD 1.0455 1.0710

Currency Period Interest Rates
USD 1 Yr 1.1875
EURO 6 Mths 0.0000
GBP 6 Mths 0.2000
AUD 1 Yr 1.8500
CHF 6 Mths 0.0000
Last updated on   27   MAY 2016     10.00AM

Forex & Treasury
UCO operates in the Forex Market in Singapore as well as abroad. Our forex treasury is equipped with state of art technology and professionally skilled staff to handle forex treasury operations efficiently.




Singapore Dollar deposits held by or for an individual or a charity is insured by Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation up to the limits specified in the Deposit Insurance and Policy Owners’ Protection Schemes Act 2011

Our Serangoon Branch new premises officially inaugurated on 05 June 2006

UCO Bank moved to a 5 day clearing week with effect from 15 May 2006

Senior Citizens – special interest rate for fixed deposits upto S$50,000/-

Remittance Services:
In order to extend quick and efficient customer services and paperless remittance to Indian Branches of the bank, UCO Bank, Singapore Centre successfully launched the “Remit Express Card” system on 05.12.2006.Our valued customers are requested to contact our Retail Banking Department both at Main Office (Phone No. 65324014) and Serangoon Branch(Phone No.62979841) for further details.

Our Respected Chairman and Managing Director, Mr.V.Sridar launched ‘ACU Operations’ in Singapore on 02nd July, 2007.




Welcome to UCO Bank, We are very pleased to see you.

"SUNDAY BANKING" for "Remittance Services" is  available at our Serangoon Branch to fulfill the needs of Customers and general public

  • Repatriability
  • Tax Exemption
  • Choice of Currency
  • Remit any Currency
  • Minimum & Maximum Amount
  • Earn Attractive Interest
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